Mood Disorders

Mood Disorder In UAE
Mood disorder is characterized by a sense of sadness and despair that can last weeks, months and are affecting your daily life by different kind of symptoms such as lack of energy, sleeping problems, lack of concentration, diminished interest and pleasure in all activities, etc. They can take several forms such as major or mild depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, mood swings, postpartum depression, grief recovery.

Overcoming depressive feeling can be particularly challenging, especially when people surrounding are encouraging you to “cheer up” and to focus on the positive. Depression is a tricky disease as they are no apparent signs of a physical disease and your friends or family don’t really understand what is affecting you. Overcoming depression is not a question of willingness!

The only way to overcome depression is to commit yourself to psychotherapy. For the most severe forms, the psychotherapy should be combined with an antidepressant, which can be prescribed by a psychiatrist or your general practitioner.

The key issue in the treatment will be to analyze and understand the roots of the problem, the deep causes behind your sadness, which are provoking the breakdown in the present. Depression is often caused by an event in the present that is triggering an issue from the past, which leads to a breakdown.

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