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“The only way to make a real change in your life, to solve a problematic situation or modify an inappropriate behavior is to understand and analyze the roots, the deep causes behind it. All the rest is placebo”

Vanessa Bokanowski

My philosophy is to adjust to your needs and suggest a designed collaborative plan that best suits your wishes and availability.

Some people do consult because they do have disabling symptoms such as Mood DisordersAnxiety DisordersTraumas and Eating Disorders.

Some others are consulting because they are experiencing a loss of meaning in their daily life, which comes most of the time with a decrease in energy.

I’m specialized in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy which is an approach focusing on the unconscious, exploring the past to better understand the present which leads to a better self-understanding. If you are questioning your need to see a counselor, your best option is to schedule an appointment and we will figure out together during an assessment session what your needs really are.​

Our Key Services

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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

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Psychotherapy For Adults

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Psychotherapy For Adolescents

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Children Psychotherapy

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Couple Therapy

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Personality Tests

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Beyond selecting the right specialist with extensive training and experience in your areas of need, you should look for someone with whom you feel a personal connection and sense of comfort and safety. Choosing a therapist as widely trained as Vanessa Bokanowski ensures comprehensive care, for the duration of your treatment.

During your first session Vanessa Bokanowski will get to know you and explore what prompted you to see a therapist. She will never judge your actions or your reasons for seeking support. Her questions are always intended to give her a better understanding of your background, your current situation, and your emotional status. Your input regarding what you hope to achieve through therapy is an important part of planning next steps. If possible, please bring any records of prior medical or psychiatric treatment.

Vanessa Bokanowski is providing psychoanalyitc psychotherapies. She is taking into account your demand, respect your personal limits and adapts her treatment to your one pace. Sometimes the use of medication can be needed in conjunction with the therapy and has to be carefully monitored by your general practitioner or psychiatrist.

Not at all, in fact many of Vanessa’s patients are healthy adults with active family lives and thriving careers. She acts as a compassionate and constructive sounding board for those who need additional support and emotional fortification during various transitions or challenges in life such as a career change, family and work balance, adolescent and teen struggles, marriage and relationship issues, and personal growth.

Success in therapy, as in life, takes time and dedication. You should find comfort in your therapy sessions and have a continued sense that your wellbeing and outlook on the future are improving. Vanessa Bokanowski encourages regular input from her patients and is dedicated to collaborative progress. She helps patients to stay focused on their goals, appreciate their achievements, and recognize their progress.

Each insurance plan provides different levels of coverage for psychotherapy, some depending on diagnosis. Vanessa will provide all necessary documentation for you to determine coverage with your provider.

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